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Past Episodes:

Soymilk, Heirloom Tomatoes, Sandwich Cookies, Coconut-based Ice creams, a field report of high-end blenders.

What's on the schedule?

If you are a producer or distributor of any of the above soon-to-be-recorded items, please send an e-mail to donations @ if you'd like to support our cause. (In exchange for an immense amount of gratitude and thanks and good will in a blurb in the corresponding episodes and blog posts.)

EVERYONE: If you take a look at the above blog posts and see that we are missing a particular brand, please comment or e-mail (feedback @ or even tweet us via twitter (@veganreview) to tell us. The more brands we know about and can taste-test, the better and more effective these podcasts will be.

We now have voicemail!! you can call in to leave feedback and also to provide your own experience with the products that will be featured in the upcoming episodes. When you call in, if you don't want the voicemail to be shared/put on the podcast, indicate so. Otherwise, I will assume you want to share with the world. Also, include a name & town combo and/or a username that the world knows you as. Don't leave your phone number on the recording. If you accidentally leave it, I can edit that out.

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